JUNN TAN - Malaysia

Junn Tan’s design aesthetic is a lesson in contrasts: Androgynous clothing is complemented by fine, feminine details; wearable fashion is paired with intricate add-ons.
LInspired by Japanese military nobility culture, and the influence of samurai culture on Japanese martial arts, her collection is an ode to the spirit of the samurai. The silhouettes reference the armour and daily wear of the warriors, and the training gear of the martial arts they influenced.








A Malaysia based fashion designer graduated last year from Raffles College of Singapore. Junn's works are strongly influenced by her own self-realization. ” I believe that there is a soul living within every garment I created” - Junn who sketch doodles as a metaphor of herself. As a slow-fashion movement designer, she believes and hopes that someone who appreciate her works will wear it over 10 years and pass it to their next generation.