NG MAY EE - Singapore

While travelling around Hong Kong and London, May Ee was inspired by the torn posters and stickers on billboards as the grit of the textures popped against the city landscape. The photographs she took formed the basis of her digital textile prints. Against the backdrop of an urban metropolis, the vibrant colours and degrade textures really stood out as it contrasted with the metal, smooth glass, and concrete surfaces.
Growing up in Singapore, the streets and buildings are well-maintained and squeaky clean. Hence, she is especially drawn to graffiti and torn posters on her travels. “Beauty Redeemed” sums up the theme of the collection that is; beauty can be found in unwanted objects, but only if we claim it. No matter how priceless or valuable an object is, without an audience, its beauty has little value.








May Ee likes to use silhouettes derived from Asian traditional garments as it keeps her grounded in her heritage. Borrowing elements from various traditional dress across South Asia, it reflects the multi-cultural aspect of Singapore. The contrast of rough textures from graffiti and the modern architecture of developed cities can be seen through the collection’s fabric choice and surface manipulations. Distressed denim and smooth satin and silk mirror the contrasts of textures between gritty torn advertisement and urban skyscrapers. Irregular tonal Swarovski embellishments give texture to the prints while light bouncing off the crystals alludes to city lights.